The $ASS Coin is a SPL Token powered by the Solana Donkey Business DAO. All donke owner’s are privy to exclusive airdrops as well the latest information about $ASS. Together the Donkes will build a rocket ship destined to the moon using only the bloody remains of SMB floor.



The supply for $ASS tokens will be forever fixed at 1 Billion $ASS tokens. The following is the capital structure of the token and anticipated release period to the community.



25% airdropped to Donke holders on 11/5/2021.



20% will be used for Ask Price Liquidity in our IDO on 11/5/2021


Donke Tank

25% allocated to Donke Tank to fund community projects starting on 11/15/2021


Donke Marketting

20% allocated to marketing and community expansion starting on 11/12/2021

  • Lastly, 10% retained by the team to continue operations – 11/4/2021

Trading $ASS

We have created our own Serum Market to make the process of buying and selling $ASS seamless. Any Serum DEX will do, however we recommend using Raydium or Cyclos. To trade $ASS follow the instructions below.

  • Transfer your funds to USDC ($ASS is a ASS/USDC market).
  • Navigate to Raydium.io, Cyclos.io or your favorite DEX.
  • Navigate to the “Trading” section of the DEX.
  • In the top left of the screen, click the “Plus” Button to Add a New Custom Serum Market.
  • Add the following Serum Market ID, fill out the rest of the fields and click “Add”.


This initial sale represents a 25% release of supply to the open market. The IDO ask price is set at 0.001 USDC per $ASS coin. Consequently, every $1 USDC will net your Donke 1,000 $ASS tokens.

After your trade has been executed you must click both “Settle” Buttons to receive your tokens.

Happy Trading Donkes. Next stop. The Donking moon.

Coin Logo

We believe that the DAO should decide on future of the icon for our token. For now, we have left it blank for the creative minds of the Donke army. We will soon be taking submissions and subsequently hold a vote for the official logo.

Until then we will tentatively use the following image for $ASS. The image will show up in your wallet in the coming days.